Speaker: Sue Otte

Rules, Rituals, and Restoration: the Story of Sunday

With roots in the Judaeo/Christian tradition, UUs observe Sundays as a day of gathering, along with many other faith traditions. What does Sunday mean to us today, and how has it changed over the years? As Sue shares some history and personal reflections, she invites … read more.

Days of the Dead: Monarchs, Marigolds and Mystery

Many traditions celebrate this time of year as an opportunity to remember and honor our ancestors. Incorporating the Mexican holiday of Dias de los Muertos, along with the Celtic Samhain, and our western All Saints Day, we, too, remember those in our lives and world … read more.

Books We Love

We share the joys of reading with one another in this service. All can participate either by talking about one or more of their favorite books or by listening to other’s talk.

Service Leader: Sue Otte

Everyone is welcome at our Sunday morning gathering. We meet at … read more.

Celebrating UU Women in History

March is Women’s History Month. Let’s celebrate by exploring the lives of some of our Unitarian Universalist foremothers, many of whom have had a significant impact not only on our faith but on our world.

Service Leader: Karen Esterl

Founders’ Day

with Decorah UU members Sue Otte and Bill Musser

Founders’s Day is a Sunday when we think of our Fellowship through the lenses of past, present and future. Our history is important. Our present is encouraging. Our future is full of possibility. We are … read more.