Adaptive Ministry

Location: The Lingonberry

When one strand of the web is broken, the entire web is prone to collapse. When we in UU spaces speak of our 7th principle, belief in the interdependent web of all existence, we are not merely speaking in metaphors. Our existences are … read more.

Ingathering 2023

Location: Twin Springs

Bring a jar of water from your summer journeys far away, imagined, or even from your own tap. Sue Otte will lead this annual outdoor Sunday Service at one of Decorah UU’s favorite locations, Twin Springs.

LIVESTREAMED VIA ZOOM: See Zoom … read more.

We Belong

Location: The Lingonberry

We humans carry the longing and the capacity to connect, to care for each other, and to create beauty together. Wherever we are, in city, town, and countryside, at every age and stage, we can step across the false border of individualism and … read more.