Speaker: Nancy Barry

Wintering Down

Location: The Lingonberry

As we approach the deep darkness of winter, we reflect through poems and stories what we can learn about hope and patience for our inner and communal lives.

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Share-the-Plate – Our plate recipient … read more.

The Grief Train

Location: Lingonberry

Grief is a journey, and vehicle we ride has a speedometer no one can control. This talk will be part memoir, part philosophical wondering, part sympathy and grace for whoever has riden the Grief Train. Service Leader: Carolyn Corbin


Whose Miracles? Why Miracles? Our Miracles

Location: The Lingonberry

Service leader: Lyra McKnight

All are welcome to join us at Sunday Fellowship either in-person (usually at the Lingonberry but the service description will note if it is elsewhere) or remotely via Zoom. We have transitioned back to an every-Sunday service.


Having and Being Had: When is there just too much STUFF?

This service title is taken from a nonfiction book by Eula Biss, in which she examines the evolution of her economic status (from struggling writer to successful, widely published one), and calls into question the assumption that our economic status should always “improve.” Beth Wahlberg, … read more.

Fire Communion

At the end of each calendar year, many UU congregations observe a tradition called the fire communion, sometimes known as a “burning bowl” ceremony. People write down on scraps of paper phrases that represent the year behind them and bring forth the paper to … read more.

Emily Dickinson Part 2

with Luther College Professor of English, Nancy Barry

Julie Fischer, service leader, Annastacia Cowles, greeter

Emily Dickinson

with Nancy Barry, Decorah UU member and Luther College Professor of English

Julie Fischer, service leader, Steven Nelson, greeter