Topic: Environment

Forests Talk, But Are We Listening?

Scientists have uncovered the interconnected wood wide web of life in the forest that often goes unnoticed: trees need each other to thrive in a forest; and we need forests for all living creatures and our Earth to thrive. This interdependence of life pivots on … read more.

Wendell Berry’s “Wild and Domestic”

American poet, essayist, environmental activist, novelist, and farmer, Wendell Berry is beloved by many Unitarian Universalists. His reflection “Wild and Domestic” published online by Orion Magazine is a beautiful distillation of his wisdom and prophecy. Decorah UU member Julie Fischer will share Berry’s words with … read more.

Recovering Wonder through Nature Worship

Luther College Associate Professor of Philosophy Holly Moore will share her story of recovering the spirituality she had as a child and adolescent and developing an embodied worship of the natural world.

Service leader: Karen Esterl

Everyone is welcome at our Sunday morning gathering. We meet at … read more.

Renewal: Bringing Back the Green

With Members & Friends of Decorah UU. Did you know that in many churches in Western Christianity, the word Alleluia is not spoken or sung during Lent? When they celebrate Easter, they bring back the Alleluia. As spring returns, we have other reasons to celebrate … read more.