Internet Bandwidth Tips

If you are connecting to a service, webinar, or other event via Zoom, we want to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible. Do what you can to maximize your network bandwidth, especially if you are a speaker or a service leader. Bandwidth refers to your Internet connection’s capacity to transmit data in a given amount of time, e.g., 60 megabytes per second. None of us has unlimited bandwidth! Low bandwidth can adversely affect audio/video quality.

Here are a few tips to maximize bandwidth:

  • If you have a wired connection, i.e., you can connect your device to your Internet router or an Ethernet jack using a cable, use it! This is likely to be faster and more reliable than WiFi (wireless). Even if you have to use WiFi, however, there are other things you can do. . . .
  • Stop your video if you are simply listening. You can always start your video when you need to be seen.
  • Minimize other uses of the network.
    • Is someone streaming Netflix in the next room? Ask them if they’re willing to wait until your Zoom call is over.
    • Are there other devices like cell phones or iPads connected to the network? Put them in airplane mode.
    • Are you connecting to Zoom via your computer but you also have your email and multiple browser windows open? Close any unneeded windows.
  • If you know you have limited network connection, you may find it helpful to use the online connection for visual only and then use your phone for audio.

Let’s make the most of our virtual and hybrid gatherings!  “See” you soon.