Get your chalice for Chalica!

On 12/1, we will learn about Chalica, a week-long celebration of our UU principles.  As part of the observation of Chalica, everyone will be invited to light a chalice once a day for seven days (12/2-12/8).  You could use a candle or even a flashlight for the observance.  But if you want your very own chalice and don’t already have one, you can email Carolyn Corbin or call her 563-419-0379 to purchase a home-thrown ceramic chalice made by local potter (and Carolyn’s dad) Paul Corbin.  Ten percent of chalice sales go to our congregation.  You can see some of Paul’s chalices on the Etsy site Carolyn maintains.

Our congregation’s chalice was made by another local potter, Karen Misseldine.  You can commission a chalice made by her instead, but please note that you’d be ordering one for next Chalica as it would be ready sometime in the spring.  The cost would vary $45-$75 depending on the amount of detail chosen.  You could request a mini version of our chalice or choose one of Karen’s designs, which include trees and dragonflies.  If you wish to purchase a chalice from Karen, you can email Karen or call her at 563-419-1105.