May 2019: Mystery

In addition to knowledge, there is another force that operates in friendship and intimate relation-ships and that is …mystery. No matter how much we …know those whom we love, we can never fully plumb the depths of their innermost being…. Not only are we mysteries to one another, but we are largely mysteries to ourselves, and love is one of the primary ways …to discover who we are and …might become.

Relationships provide us with a mirror …[to] see ourselves more clearly. …We need …to have a home in the world where we are known and feel accepted….. But we also have a need for adventure, for the …surprise we experience when we go forth on a journey. While our need for safety and security leads us to seek permanence and dependability in our intimate relationships, our need for novelty and adventure leads us to enter unknown and uncertain spaces.

Estelle Frankel

if there is a god i think he must be shaped
something like a mountain
and something like a tree
and something like an ocean …
i rather imagine he looks something
like a black manand something like a white man
and something like a yellow man
and something like a woman, too …
i think she sees the universe through the eyes
of a big, brown bearand through the eyes of a dove
and through the eyes of a gentle, medium-size whale….
J. David Scheyer


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