February 2019: Surrender/Letting Go

“Letting go” means letting go of not only distressing and unpleasant things, but also every kind of fixed idea. We carry around so many fixed ideas such as “you” and “I,” “good” and “bad.” You made all of these fixed ideas, and as long as you cling to them, it’s impossible for you to become one with your true nature.

The worst prison in the world is the prison of thought. The most difficult wall in the world to overcome is the wall of fixed ideas. From a certain perspective, spiritual practice means freeing yourself from such prisons of thought. Thus, if you keep thinking “I’m just an unenlightened being,” then, because of that thought, you cannot play any role other than that of an unenlightened being. Be very aware of the great difference a single thought can make. Daehaeng Sunim

Join us this month in exploring Surrender.

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