This year’s fundraising auction will be virtual (of course, it’s 2020)! The auction team is still working out details on when bidding will open and close but we do know that our annual auction service will take place on Sunday, December 6. It will feature some part of the auction, but most will take place on an online auction site. You can bid from the comfort of your couch!

This page will get updated as we finalize things. Here is what we know for now:


Online Silent Auction

  • Most of the bidding will take place online but payments will be by check or by bill pay through your bank
  • We will be more restricted on how many items we can offer – consider bundling items or making a “basket” of related itemsĀ 
  • Be prepared – we will need item information in advance!
  • How will you get the items from donor to buyer? We hope you’ll work together to accomplish that. The auction team will help!


How to Donate an Item or Experience

  • Take a photo of the item(s) and get it onto your phone or computer*
  • Think of a name for the item (not too long)
  • Jot down a description – include sizes, measurements, anything a buyer might want to know
  • Optional: Decide on the value of the item and/or a starting bid amount
  • Enter the above information into our online submission form. You can enter up to 3 items on the form.

*If you can’t get the photo from your phone uploaded in the submission form (or need other help), email it to Julie Ohde –


Get Creative with your Donation!!!

If you don’t have an item to donate, what else could you offer (really, experiences are what brings in the most money!). It will be tougher to think of experiences in the time of Covid but you’ll have a year to make good on your promise!


Make a request for a donation from someone else!

Is there something you’d be willing to pay for someone else to do (rake leaves, sing a song, make you some lefse)? Is there someone specifically you wish would offer an experience? Email Julie at and we’ll see what we can do!